Our Mission

Educate youth about the needs of our Greater Saint Louis area community and come together to collaborate on various projects to make a difference.

Build together, thrive together.




Connect Community wants to bring not only our own community together, but also unite other communities in St. Louis. Creating a larger community and creating a St. Louis community will leave St. Louis a better place than we found it.

Future Endeavors

We at Connect Community hope to help the community in different endeavors throughout the years. Our upcoming projects include a community garden, hospital aid and relief, and homeless and nursing home aid.

Want to help?

Email us at moconnectcommunity@gmail.com. We are always looking for helpful and energetic volunteers that can help with different projects and activities.

About us

We are Connect Community, we strive to connect our community to yours.



Instagram: @connect_community

St. Louis, Missouri
United States

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