Community Garden

Community Garden

Connect Community created a garden in Chesterfield Missouri. We will be donating the produce to different organizations through City of Chesterfield. An assortment of vegetables are being grown such as beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

  • Spring 2021:

    Discussed with city of Chesterfield and got permission and land to build a community garden.

    Decided on what plants to grow and divided responsibilities on germinating seeds.

    Started work on the garden and set up the wire-fence.

    Built raised bed gardens using materials donated by Lowe’s of Chesterfield and money donated by generous donors. The total cost of material was roughly $1,500

    Planted the saplings in May after they had germinated in different homes for four weeks.

    Created a garden responsibility schedule and took turns going to the garden and watering the plants.

  • Summer 2021:

    Daily tending to garden based on schedule prepared earlier.

    Developed an irrigation system to water the plants.

    Started harvesting produce and began donating to Circle of Concern in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Mayor of Chesterfield visited the garden and appreciated the good work.

  • Fall 2021:

    Completed the final harvests and donations to Circle of Concern. We donated 352 lbs of produce that included tomatoes, green-beans, cucumber, eggplant, and zucchini.

    Cleaned up the garden in November and we are planning on continuing the community garden next year.

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